Lots to update

We’ve got a lot to throw up on the blog. We’ve had Thanksgiving, a Baby Shower, and work on the nursery. Not to mention an expanding waistline. So here we go:

Thanksgiving 2008
Matt’s family came over Thursday morning to celebrate Turkey Day with us. Even though Matt spent a good chunk of the week worrying about the possibility of rain that day, things couldn’t have been more beautiful. So turkey frying was a go, and we fried 3 turkeys! One of them went home with Mike and his family, one went with Nick and Mikie, and the other was gobbled up. In this house, Thanksgiving day usually revolves around the Cowboys game, which was at 3. By the time everyone sat down for Pumpkin Pie and Better Than Anything Cake the game was under way. The Cowboys won! 34-9

First Baby Shower

The next day we drove to Baton Rouge for our first baby shower. Emily and Claire out did themselves (as usual). Everything was sooo cute!! Even though the cake wasn’t exactly what Em asked for, I would never have know because it was adorable. Em and Claire used blue and green jelly beans to decorate, and made adorable chocolate party favors. Emily even sewed cute fabric tablecloths to match the theme of blue and green. We had a good crowd, and I even got to see two of my oldest friends who I hadn’t seen in years, Hilary and Larissa. We got lots of good stuff, including a handmade quilt from Matt’s mom, Mikie. It’s beautiful! And we got the stroller we registered for. All in all we were feeling very blessed. The photo above was possible thanks to my niece, Stella. She thought I should wear her tiara – at least for one photo.

Here’s the cake.

And some of the decorations.


A few weeks ago – while he was visiting with Mom – Dad helped Matt assemble the crib we ordered. Then last Wednesday Matt single-handedly painted the nursery. That, along with all the stuff we got at the shower has been filling up the once empty room. Nothing is in place yet, nothing organized, but here’s a picture of how things are coming along.

Here’s Matt, hamming it up and painting at the same time. Imagine that…

Here’s the finished room.

Speaking of things coming along – the baby is really growing (as am I). Check out the baby bump at 28 weeks.

Update on the growing baby

A quick update on the status of baby McGarity. Apparently he’s very healthy, and growing fast. I started to feel him kick about 2 weeks ago, and Matt has felt him a couple of times too. Last night baby kicked so hard that we both witnessed my belly move. Totally weird and wonderful at the same time.

Claire and Larry’s House

Here’s a picture of our brother-in-law, Larry, surveying the tree Katrina tossed onto the roof of his new home. This picture was taken only days after Katrina decided to pay an unwelcome visit to the New Orleans area.

Larry and my sister Claire live in Mandeville, La. Most of the people in Mandeville were spared the brunt of the storm – and we thank God and all of your prayers for that! Claire, Larry, Claudia, one-month-old Maggie, their dog Frankie and cat Gibson returned to their home last week, and they are all doing fine. And I can only imagine how happy it must feel to be home again!

There are more photos of Claire and Larry’s home, and one home that wasn’t so lucky in their subdivision, in our Gallery.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers!

– Jenn

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