Best Street Ever


I suspect that someone I know is going to steal this street sign one of these days.

4th of July Weekend

Our Baton Rouge Visit

Zachary’s Baptism

A Preview of Things to Come!

Last week, we bought a Flip MinoHD video recorder, just for moments like this:

Baby Shower at Matthew’s Office

Earlier today, my coworkers threw Zachary a baby shower.  And once again, Zachary reaped an embarrassment of riches.  We are truly blessed to have so many friends and family that care for us.

Everyone had a great time checking out Zachary.  And for him, it was a special treat, as it marked yet another big excursion for him.  He’s getting to be such a big boy!

Check out the photos from the event.  And check out the cake!  Oh. My. God. It was goooooooood!

Heading to Baton Rouge

Baby shower, here we come!


This is a test of the blogging application on my new iPhone. If you see a cute, fat guinea pig, let me know!

There Goes the College Fund

Busy weekend for Baby Boy McGarity: he got his first two pieces of furniture, just in time to take forever to get here during the holiday rush.

Graco Lauren Crib

Graco Lauren Crib

The first was his new crib, the Graco Lauren that was highly thought of by Consumer Reports.  Our style is generally modern, with little of the ornamental flourishes that you find in some north Texas homes — the crisp, clean lines of this crib will suit us well.

Saving money on the crib allowed us the luxury of splurging on the all-important glider, where both Jenn and I will be spending many sleepless nights rocking The Boy to sleep.  Ladies and Gentleman, meet the Best Chair Braxton.

Best Chair Braxton

Best Chair Braxton

The above picture shows you the style of the chair, but we will have different upholstery (more of a green microsuede, highly resistant to newborn puke and drool — or so we are told).

North Carolina/Virginia, Day 3

Day 3 was an all-day road trip to Charlottesville, Virginia and its most-famous building: Monticello, the residence of Thomas Jefferson.  For many years, I’ve desired to visit this place.  Thanks to the recent John Adams mini-series and repeated listens to the Thomas Jefferson Hour podcast, waiting to visit there was akin to a kid trying to quietly pass through the 364 days before the next Christmas.

On the way back to Jim’s house, we stopped in Chatham, Virginia.  At Chatham Hall, an all-girls prepratory school, we visited with Jim’s friend (and former student) Blair.  We assumed that the three of us would grab a drink or a quick bite of dinner.  Little did we know that Blair would sweep us into a dinner party being thrown by the school’s rector.  A night of home-cooked vegetarian food, fudge-covered ice cream, handmade guacamole, and wonderful conversation would follow.

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