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We’re Doomed

Look who learned how to walk — as long as it’s in a straight, unimpeded line, most of the time. Seriously, look at him go!

We’re officially doomed.

Zachary Walking from Spamboy on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Zachary

The Birthday Boy!

As I type this I *still* can’t believe my little sweet pea is 1 year old. Time flies by way too fast. Here are some photos from today’s festivities.

All Zach Wanted for Christmas

…were these two front teeth:

Two Front Teeth

Paradise Visit

The three of us made a visit to Paradise, to give Zachary a taste of the country. He made several new friends — including Huck, Rock-O, and a certain snowman.

Thanks, Moo-maw and Poo-paw for the great new dancing partner!

That Crazy Laughter…

…you hear just might be this little worm:

Zachary Laughing Crazily from Spamboy on Vimeo.


Zachary, Jenn, and I enjoying some Labor Day Mexican food at Uncle Julio’s. Z-Man ordered El Potatoes Sweeto.

“Thanks, Nanee!”

Zachary’s got the greatest great-great-aunt in the whole world. His Nanee sent him a gift to celebrate his baptism, and Zach decided that he should get something cool and fun. Check him out!

Our Baton Rouge Visit

Zachary’s Baptism

A Preview of Things to Come!

Last week, we bought a Flip MinoHD video recorder, just for moments like this:

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