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New sweet pea photos

Here are a few of the photos from Zachary’s latest session. It took place about 6 weeks ago. I can’t believe how much he’s changed in that short amount of time.


Caught in the act!

Happy Birthday Zachary

The Birthday Boy!

As I type this I *still* can’t believe my little sweet pea is 1 year old. Time flies by way too fast. Here are some photos from today’s festivities.

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 came and went like a blur, as it always seems to do. However, after three years of hosting, we are getting quite adept at both preparation and the “aftermath”. Everyone from my side of the family was in attendance, including all of Zachary’s cousins and aunt that he met for the first time. Loved having two screaming young ones around the house, but overall things went great. Check out some of our pictures!

Paradise Visit

The three of us made a visit to Paradise, to give Zachary a taste of the country. He made several new friends — including Huck, Rock-O, and a certain snowman.

Thanks, Moo-maw and Poo-paw for the great new dancing partner!

Best Street Ever


I suspect that someone I know is going to steal this street sign one of these days.

4th of July Weekend

Our Baton Rouge Visit

Zachary’s Baptism

A Preview of Things to Come!

Last week, we bought a Flip MinoHD video recorder, just for moments like this:

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