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One Year Ago…

…I was rushing up to McKinney from Allen, heading to personally inspect the first house we ever bought.

Just before, Jenn and I had signed reams of paperwork, all designed to test our will. Did we want to be homeowners bad enough that we’d risk carpal tunnel syndrome? Would we risk getting sick of seeing the site of our own names in order to stop paying rent to The Man?

The shiny house keys jingling in my pocket were a physical indication of our affirmative answer. Jenn was in the air, flying to California to perform a press check. So it was just me, heading up Central Expressway towards our homestead.

That was one year ago this very day. Much has changed in our lives since then, nearly all of it for the better. We figured it would be a shame to not share some of those stories, especially since we’ve had this family blog sitting here desperate for attention (much like our dog). So I’ve dusted it off, installed some easier-to-use blogging software, deleted the 4000 spam comments that had accumulated, and now I hope to to write at least once a week.

Next post will contain some of our before/after shots of the house, as we’ve been busy in the past year painting, decorating, and gardening. Soon after that, we’ll get the blog look/feel up to speed with the rest of our site.

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