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Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 came and went like a blur, as it always seems to do. However, after three years of hosting, we are getting quite adept at both preparation and the “aftermath”. Everyone from my side of the family was in attendance, including all of Zachary’s cousins and aunt that he met for the first time. Loved having two screaming young ones around the house, but overall things went great. Check out some of our pictures!

Heading to Baton Rouge

Baby shower, here we come!

This Blog’s About to Get Busier

Big news in the Mattifer world – Jenn plus Matthew is about to add up to three, as we are expecting our first beh-bee.  Little boy or girl McGarity should be greeting the world in late February.  By coincidence, any ability of ours to post on this site should decline for 6-8 weeks.  :)  Do check back often, as we plan to keep you up to date with photos, news, etc.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and warm wishes over the past couple years — we couldn’t have reached  this point without your support and love.

Kauai, Day 6

On final day in Paradise was hot and beautiful.  We spent the afternoon shopping for souvenirs, mopping up the smaller sites near our home base in Kappa’a town, and getting one last fix of Jo-Jo’s shaved ice.

Bye-bye, Kauai.  We’ll be back!

Kauai, Day 5

Day 5 was also Independence Day, and the island was alive with outdoor activity.  Because it was our final night on vacation, we took a catamaran trip up the Napali coastline and spent a long afternoon sunning, sailing, and snorkeling.  Despite getting seasick halfway out, we saw some amazing & beautiful scenery.

Kauai, Day 4

Day 4 was our big trip to the North Shore, where we drove to the end of the earth and snorkeled at some of the more-secluded beaches such as Ke’e and Hanalei Bay.  It was this day that we fell 110% in love with Kauai.

Kauai, Day 3

Day 3 was a fairly quiet day.  Lots of lounging by the pool, digesting of magazines, and bird-watching.  We were so relaxed, taking more than two photos was considered “work”.

Kauai, Day 2

Our big trip on day 2 was going up — and back down — Waimei Canyon.  At the end, we indulged in the best shaved ice in the United States of America and paid our respects to Captain Cook.

Kauai, Day 1

Here are our photos from our Kauai vacation.  We arrived Sunday evening the night before these shots were taken.  For the most part, we took it easy by getting settled into our hotel and learning the lay of the land.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to our two dads, Richard and Nick. Our parents are out of town today, so we cannot see them in person. However, here’s a photo of our gathered family from last year. Click on the picture to see who’s who!

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