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North Carolina/Virginia, Day 3

Day 3 was an all-day road trip to Charlottesville, Virginia and its most-famous building: Monticello, the residence of Thomas Jefferson.  For many years, I’ve desired to visit this place.  Thanks to the recent John Adams mini-series and repeated listens to the Thomas Jefferson Hour podcast, waiting to visit there was akin to a kid trying to quietly pass through the 364 days before the next Christmas.

On the way back to Jim’s house, we stopped in Chatham, Virginia.  At Chatham Hall, an all-girls prepratory school, we visited with Jim’s friend (and former student) Blair.  We assumed that the three of us would grab a drink or a quick bite of dinner.  Little did we know that Blair would sweep us into a dinner party being thrown by the school’s rector.  A night of home-cooked vegetarian food, fudge-covered ice cream, handmade guacamole, and wonderful conversation would follow.

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